Trump the Loser

As the LA Times noted in it's recent article titled Trump's Iowa loss reveals campaign vulnerabilities,

Trump's second-place finish in Iowa exposed an array of weaknesses in his campaign: His flashiness has started to grate on supporters.... He's proved vulnerable to attacks on his ideological purity. And he failed to put together an effective ground operation.... In the end, the celebrity candidate was more susceptible to the normal rules of politics than many expected.

Hillary Maintains Lead By Almost Any Measure

As Eric Boehlert of Media Matters noted recently, as of January 22, Hillary Clinton has led in the last ten polls taken in Iowa. Although some media has focused on polls showing Sanders leading, Clinton leads the average of Iowa polls by more than 7 percentage points.

Polls aside, as of this writing the NY Times Upshot shows Clinton leading in every non-poll measure.

Warnings to Bush Administration About 9/11 More Extensive Than Previously Acknowledged

I usually take stories at, founded by Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Reagan Libraray, Fred Ryan, with a liberal dose of salt. But the November 12 article titled "The Attacks Will Be Spectacular" caught my attention.

The article, a summary and teaser for the Showtime documentary The Spymasters, chronicles the extensive and detailed warnings the Bush administration received from the intelligence community regarding imminent attacks on American soil.

The first warning noted in the article came in spring 2001, when then counterterrorism chief Cofer Black and CIA Director George Tenet presented the Bush administration with a specific proposal to "end the Al Qaeda threat" that included covert and military operations. The administrations response, according to Tenet, was "We don't want the clock to start ticking." The meaning of this seemingly innocuous phrase, according to the article, was that the administration did not want there to be evidence that they had been warned of the pending danger.

Nyhan: Politicians' So-Called Authenticity Is Just Performance Skill

Dartmouth political science professor Brendan Nyhan writing in the NY Times Upshot column suggests that media hubbub about politicans' "authenticity" has the issue backwards.

"In reality, all politicians are strategic about the image and behaviors they present to voters," Nyhan writes. "Some just hide the artifice better than others."

Joe Trippi: Clinton Isn't Collapsing

In an op-ed piece for the LA Times that is sharply critical of the punditocracy, Democratic political consultant Joe Trippi writes:

In a year in which every other supposed front-runner and establishment candidate has collapsed to single digits or has already withdrawn from the race — yes, I am talking about you, Jeb Bush, and you, Scott Walker — Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to lead the Democratic field with more than 40% of the vote.

Republican-led attempt to block Iran deal fails in Senate

In the words of the Guardian (UK) Republican opposition to the Obama administration's nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Iran in the end was nothing but "scathing words." Somewhat atypically, but in keeping with the current political climate, conservatives were quick to blame the GOP establishment and leadership.

Obama Administration Asserts ACA Provision Prohibits Bias Against Transgender Patients

As reported in the September 3 NY Times, the Obama administration proposed a rule "that would forbid most health insurers and medical providers to discriminate against transgender patients, including by prohibiting insurers from categorically denying coverage of care related to gender transition."

The proposal expands on an anti-discrimination provision of the ACA to clarify that it includes discrimination on the basis of gender identification. Violators would risk losing federal funding.

Read Health Care Rules Proposed to Shield Transgender Patients From Bias on

Madeleine Albright on Iran Agreement

Writing on CNN's web site on August 31, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action "a bold stroke of diplomacy, and an opportunity we must not waste."

The agreement "gives the United States new tools to shape Iranian behavior," Albright wrote, suggesting that that the US focus on:

  • The strongest possible oversight of the agreement
  • Maintaining a robust deterrent in the region
  • A calibrated engagement with Iran

Read Madeleine Albright: Iran deal is a win-win on

Bush Propagandist Repeats Meme that Democrats Are 'Too Far' to the Left

As Digby reminds us in her recent piece, it's become a meme of corporate media that, although it's now widely acknowledged that the political right has moved farther in that direction in recent years, the left — already far out on the fringe — has moved equally leftward. This despite analyses by Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann, among others, that suggest "Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem".

Carly Fiorina: Law School Dropout, Fired CEO, and GOP Presidential Candidate

Probably, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina touts her business experience in the hope that she will appeal to the financialist wing of the Republican party. The irony is that CBS, USA Today, and all listed her among the worst American or tech CEOs of all time.


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